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Multicoches - HGO Color

What to do when a brand has evolved in such a way that its name and image no longer reflects anything it does now? How to give a new air to a solid company to look for new ways? This was the capital question of Multicoches S.A. Medellín, one of the biggest serial painting enterprises of Colombia. “If we are going to change, let it be so big. We want, on time, to find clients with or without experience.” Such a challenge demanded a new way of raising a brand. Not only visually, but also from the cornerstone of brand architecture. I developed a new method specifically for this project. The TS-Point is a tool that allows to diagnose the state of a brand from five dimensions, from uses of logo to corporate internal culture. Apparently it was a success. See it on Behance

Ánima Agencia de Vestuario

Ánima | Agencia de vestuario es una agencia colombiana enfocada en la creación, diseño y producción de vestuario para cine, televisión y publicidad. Daniela Rivano y Laura Calvo, las propietarias, cuentan con una amplia experiencia en este campo. Ánima viene de la palabra latina para «alma». De acuerdo con esto, el trabajo de Ánima se percibe como «relajante». Actores, directores y todos los miembros del equipo pueden encontrar un lugar tranquilo en el camión de vestuario. En un trabajo tan estrenaste como la producción audiovisual, Ánima es el lugar más feliz para estar. Puedes verlo en Behance

Emprender 2025

Our way of life has changed. The ways in which we inform ourselves, interact with other people or how we see entertainment is not the same as 10 years ago, and this is transversal to all socioeconomic strata. Thinking about this, we can say that education has also changed. The master classroom is no longer valid. With this in mind, the flexible educational model Emprender 2025 has set out to create a system in which primary, secondary, and vocational secondary education in Colombia does not depend on the presence of the student but on their own interest in their future. Hence, the presentation of the primary identifier consists of three parts: the open book, as an analogy of educational openness; the tree, as a metaphor for personal growth; and the human being, as the core and raison d'être of the project. See it on Behance


Canorá is a colombian startup based in Bogotá. Their focus is to optimize living spaces thru multifunctional furniture. One of their main basis is sustainability. According to this, they only use materials like responsible growth pine tree, iron and artesanal clothes. Canorá came to us (Kairos) asking for digital marketing and some advices on brand. As you can see, we made a solid brand work together, cleaning off the startup feeling and creating a strong branding system. See it on Behance


What can do two cousins? LolaDolores is the result of the join of Oriana and Juanita, two colombian cousins. The wanted to create an apparel and accesories brand (kerchiefs, mainly). Oriana is a Paris based artist, and Juanita is a colombian based architect. The prints for the kerchiefs came from Oriana's work. We wanted to create a brand that breathes the core idea: romanticism, european artist lifestyle and fun. The model photography was a great idea of Oriana, who did the layout (my work was put them on digital), and the labyrinth (once again, Oriana's idea) was the key for the brand development. We hope you enjoy this project as much as we. See it on Behance

Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga

The school is run by Amit Raina, born in Srinagar-Kashmir, India in a Brahmin family. Being born in the Kashmir Shaivism Tradition and having interest in spirituality from young age, he grew around great shaivite masters. Knowing that there is more to life than what you see with your eyes and what you perceive with your mind,he started practicing meditation and yoga from young age. In the city of Pune while working as an Engineer in a deep meditation he had a strong vision after which he left the comforts of his life and traveled all over the Himalayas and stayed in various ashrams. He has incorporate the wisdom of Kashmir Shaivism with the practices of yoga and has been teaching yoga through out the world, at the same time knowing the importance of his heritage he is spreading the real meaning of Tantra. See it on Behance

Animaedro - Estudio de animación

Animaedro Estudio de Animación is an animation studio which works on idea concept, project management, realization and production of audiovisual content in animation, focusing in stop motion using puppets, pixilation and claymation. They also works on animation middle proccess, like character design and construction (dressing for stop motion and toy dolls), locations design and construction, post production, audiovisual story boards, motion graphics, 2D animation, illustration with objects and animation projects consulting. See it on Behance


ArteLetra is the leading independent bookstore in Bogotá. Opened in 2003, it starts as book store and coffee shop. Its owners, Adriana Laganis and Nicolás Mejía, are running this last bastion of culture in the capital city of Colombia. When you're searching for any book you want, you can relax yourself hearing some Mahler, Vivaldi, Brahms or Tchaikovsky pieces. The new brand work recalls for the old type styles in editorial design; all the aknowledgement contained in an old book reborns in the logo. The word ArteLetra (ArtLetter in english) is a palindrome, a word or quote you can read in any reading orientation. Keeping this on mind, I start designing a new font style using some typographic catalogues from the XVII century. The result is a double-legged capital L and the last 4 gliphs were inverted to maximize the visual dimension of the palindrome. All the project was really influenced by the classic graphic arts: typography, lithography and letter pressing. For the logo work, I created 5 shapes; from a baroque and ornamented one to the minimalism of the double-legged L. See it on Behance

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